Benefits of Hospice Extended to the Family

Blake grew up in Chatham where his parents still live, but now makes his home out west. He stayed in touch with his parents and extended family through phone calls, FaceTime and periodic visits. For several months, he had not had the opportunity to visit or FaceTime with his mom and he soon learned why. His mom had been ill for several years but more recently, she had started to decline more rapidly. His parents were trying to protect him with the truth by not having him see the change in his mom.

When Blake learned that his mom was moving to Chatham-Kent Hospice, he knew what that meant; that his mom was in the final stage of life and he understood why his parents had tried to spare him this truth.

When he arrived at Hospice, he was surprised to see the change in his mom but also the change in his dad. His dad had lost a lot of weight and you could see the worry on his face. Caring for his mom over the past few years had taken their toll on his dad’s health as well.

In the first week at Hospice, Blake watched his mom settle in to her new surroundings and noticed positive changes in his dad as well. Of course he was still worried about his wife but he was able to go home and rest when he needed to knowing his wife was in good hands.

“You could almost see the burden of care lift from my dad’s shoulders. He started gaining some weight back and felt stronger,” said Blake.

Although his dad was feeling better knowing his wife was being taken care of, there was still one thing that was bothering him. He had planned an 80th Birthday party for her at Rossini’s and had over 27 guests invited. His plans were interrupted with her move to Hospice and he was feeling bad thinking he would have to cancel it. He expressed his concern to the Hospice staff and they encouraged him to move the party to Hospice – Rossini’s and all! Within 24 hours, plans were altered, the Great Room was decorated and guests arrived to celebrate.

“What a gift for both my mom and dad. Mom had been so looking forward to her birthday and with the help of the Hospice staff, she was able to celebrate with family and friends. My dad felt really good knowing he could still hold this party for her” added Blake.

“I can’t say enough great things about the care and staff at Hospice. They were wonderful to me, wonderful to my dad and especially to my mom – Thank you!”