Community Impact

Our Mission

We provide care and engage our community to change how families live the important experiences of end of life.

Our Vision

Enriching lives; embracing each day at end of life.

Our Values

We demonstrate compassion by accepting one another and treating everyone with kindness. Our home-like peaceful atmosphere is built on the foundation of care.

We respect the intrinsic worth of every individual and their personal decisions.

We constantly strive for excellence by embracing best practices, continuous improvement and fostering innovation. We are a leader in compassionate hospice palliative care.

We are transparent and honest. We honour our commitments and hold ourselves accountable.

We create and maintain a home and workplace that respects traditions, experiences, perspectives and viewpoints of everyone.

We work together to maximize resources and benefits for those we serve. We work with our residents, providing care that is respectful of and responsive to their needs, preferences and values.