Planning a Gift in Your Will

Make a Plan today to Give as You Go… and help our good work live on after you’re gone.

With a little pre-planning you can leave a larger amount of money to Chatham-Kent Hospice Foundation after you die than you may be able to afford when you are alive. This is called Planned Giving. And it means just that…make a plan to give today so your gift lives on through good works after you’re gone.

Why Give as You Go?
  • Reduce Income Taxes
  • Honour a Loved One
  • Help the Good Work Continue
How you can give after you’re gone:
  • Take an insurance policy on yourself and make Chatham-Kent Hospice Foundation the beneficiary. A small monthly payment now could result in a very significant donation later.
  • Make Chatham-Kent Hospice Foundation a beneficiary in your Will. Some people set a fixed amount. Others simply stipulate that a percentage of their estate go to their local Charities of Choice…as little as 1% can do a lot. This has minimal impact on your other heirs’ inheritance, but makes a big difference in your community.
  • Ask that in lieu of flowers at your funeral, that people donate to Chatham-Kent Hospice Foundation …then specify in your Will that your Estate match whatever donations are made.
What steps should you take?
  1. Give us a call to learn how Chatham-Kent Hospice Foundation will use your gift to continue to care for our community. We would also be happy to discuss options to remember and acknowledge your generosity in a way that suits you and your family.
  2. Talk to your spouse and/or family and share the reasons why with your family. This will help foster a generous spirit for generations to come!
  3. Talk to your lawyer, financial planner and/or Insurance Agent. They have the experience and skills to make sure you take the steps that are right for you. Ask them about strategies to take care of your family and your community while reducing your final income tax bill. A Win-Win!
  4. Let Chatham-Kent Hospice Foundation know your intentions so we can plan for our future and thank you appropriately.
  5. Feel good knowing you have done your part to support your community after you’re gone.
As a member of CAGP Chatham-Kent Chapter, Chatham-Kent Hospice Foundation is proudly working together with other Local Charities for the future.

 cagpCAGP stands for the Canadian Association of Gift Planners.

 The CAGP Chatham-Kent Chapter is made up of a number of local charities who are working together to better our community by raising awareness about strategic charitable giving. Give as You Go Chatham-Kent is our new campaign to help people better understand what Planned Giving is and how important it is to the ongoing charitable work in our community. Our goal is to help donors learn that with a little pre-planning they can leave a larger donation through their Will or an insurance policy than they may have been able to give when they are alive. Chatham-Kent Hospice Foundation is happy to help you with your Planned Giving. Please contact us or one of our partner lawyers and financial planners for more information.