What do Supportive Care Services look like at Chatham-Kent Hospice?

Many people are aware that grief counselling is a part of services offered at the Chatham-Kent Hospice. We offer counselling and support to residents, families and community members who are coping with grief. Your loved one does not have to have lived in hospice for you to access our services. However, do you know what Supportive Care services in the residence looks like?

  • Supporting residents and families with end of life practical matters. These needs can include ensuring residents have designated a Power of Attorney to make decisions on their behalf for their Personal Care and Property or financial needs. It may be assisting family with the process of applying for Compassionate Care benefits so that they receive benefits while they are off work caring for their loved one. It may also include Advanced Care planning and having conversations with residents and families regarding their health care priorities, goals and wishes.
  • Requesting volunteers to provide comfort support to residents with few family members.
  • Helping families determine how to celebrate important events during difficult circumstances. This could include writing letters or cards or planning a small celebration.
  • Working with a resident to share their life story through a Legacy project. Legacy projects may include telling the story of a resident’s life through the creation of a book or music that they can share with loved ones. These stories and songs may have a lasting impact on families as they often learn more about their loved one through the process of creating it as well as have a keepsake to cherish.
  • Planning a farewell ceremony to create a meaningful ritual to support loved ones as they say good-bye.
  • Sitting down with families to help with difficult conversations. These discussions could entail talking about planning for care decisions when not all family members are in agreement, discussing family conflict, reconciling relationships or helping to say goodbye.
  • Supporting families to access community services that address their unique needs, which may include financial supports, specialized mental health services, stable housing or connections with a support system.

Our focus is on helping improve quality of life for both palliative patients and their families by managing distressing symptoms and addressing emotional, psychosocial, practical and spiritual issues. For more information on our Supportive Care programs please contact Sally Reaume, Supportive Care Program Coordinator, at 519-354-3113 ext. 2406 or by email at sreaume@chathamkenthospice.com.


Please note this photo was taken prior to COIVD-19.