Grief & Bereavement

Chatham-Kent Hospice’s holistic approach includes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual end-of-life care. This care is available to our residents, their families and our entire community.

Social Work

Our registered Social Workers provide compassionate, non-judgemental support for individuals and families experiencing loss. They will:

  • provide counselling in a safe, caring environment to express feelings and move towards healing
  • help manage the stress associated with the end-of-life, grief and loss
  • provide assistance to overcome crisis situations
  • connect individuals to appropriate supports and provide advocacy when needed

Spiritual Care

The Spiritual Care Provider provides ongoing spiritual, emotional, and social support regardless of faith or life stance. They will:

  • address spiritual concerns or struggles to promote coping and spiritual well-being
  • identify sources of strength, meaning and hope
  • facilitate spiritual/religious rituals, rites or practices
  • assist with end-of-life perceptions and planning

Music Therapy

Offered to our residents and their families our Accredited Music Therapist will use music and musical elements to promote, maintain and restore personal health. Music Therapy can:

  • help with pain & symptom management
  • decrease anxiety helping with relaxation
  • be an outlet for emotional expression
  • provide connection to others and decrease isolation
  • encourage reminiscence and life review

Complementary Therapy

Therapies offered to our residents and their families to reduce stress, promote relaxation and improve quality of life facilitated by community practitioners who volunteer their time. These include:

  • Massage Therapy
  • Reiki
  • Therapeutic Touch®
  • Reflexology
  • Pet Therapy with St. John’s Ambulance

Group Healing

Support groups to listen, share and learn with others who are also on a grief journey. Sessions include Healing Yoga, Healing Art, Coffee Talk Drop-In, Grief & Bereavement Walking Group, Caregiver Night Out, Bereavement Support Group, Healing Hearts Bereaved Parent Group.

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