Palliative Care Coordination

Living with a life-threatening illness, or providing care for a loved one as they near end of life, is very difficult. Chatham-Kent Hospice is here to help! We not only provide residential hospice end-of-life care at no cost, but we can also support you to navigate the healthcare system and help you get the care you need. By reaching out to us at the time of diagnosis or anytime throughout your illness, we can help you by:

  1. Understanding your needs now and what they might be in the future;
  2. Helping you identify who you can contact to get the supports needed;
  3. Providing you with the questions to ask other care providers;
  4. Connecting you with anticipatory grief support;
  5. Answering  your questions about Hospice care such as what is provided, how to access it, when to access it.

Give us a call and let us walk alongside you through your journey.

Contact: Amber Jarrold
Hospice Navigator
519-354-3113 ext. 2101