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  • “Our sincere appreciation for all your care and concern for my mom during her last days. You treated her with kindness and gave her dignity for her end of days. Not only did you care for Mom, but you also looked after us and made this time calm and peaceful. This experience at Hospice was something that so helped during this trying time.”
  • “Our family cannot thank you enough for all the caring, concern, knowledge and expertise through mom’s journey. Hospice is a “home”. I felt so comfortable staying there and I know mom was comfortable. She had a long struggle, and deserved the care and atmosphere Hospice was able to give her.”
  • “For everything you’ve done… for being the special people that you are… thank you so very much. Thank you will never be enough for the appreciation we have for all of the kind and gentle care given to our mom during the end of her life. Your support and kindness will never be forgotten.”

What Your Donations Are Used For:

  • Compassionate Care

    Resident care is our top priority. Your donation will help cover the cost of things like personal care products, medical equipment and supplies.

  • Connected and Comfortable

    Your donation will help keep our residents and their families comfortable and connected by covering the cost of utilities such as natural gas, electricity, water, cable and telephone.

  • Home-like hospitality

    Making our residents and their families feel at home is a top priority. Your donation will help pay for groceries as well as kitchen equipment and supplies.

  • Education and Awareness

    Ongoing education and awareness will ensure the sustainability of our residential hospice. Your donation will support ongoing staff & volunteer education and training, community education and efficient donation management.

  • Business as usual

    Although we want our hospice to feel like home to our residents, we must operate as a business. Your donation will cover costs associated with running a business such as accounting, human resources, purchasing, office equipment and supplies and insurance.

  • Keeping House

    Like your home, we want to keep a safe and tidy home. Your donation will help us do that by covering costs for laundry & housekeeping, ongoing maintenance, safety and security.

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Chatham-Kent Hospice is honoured to recognize
recent donations received in memory of:

If you’d like to make a donation in memory of a loved one, please click here.

Yoshiye ‘Jessie’  Abe
Betty Adkin
George Adkin
Kenneth Anderson
Florence Arnold
Shirley Ashton
Sheridan Atkinson
Violet Maye Beaman
Yvonne Bechard
Tom Bird
Aidan Brady
Margaret Branton &
the Eichenberg Family
Shirley Broad
Gerald Francis ‘Buss’ Brown
Grenda Bruinsma
Arleen Burke
Ann Buxton
Gordon Duncan Campbell

Jeanne Caron
Dana Carrington
Rebecca Chapple
Merriel & Robert Child
Marilyn Collins
Maria DaSilva
Mark Daugherty
Martina DeKievit
Louise  DeLong
Albert  Demers
Edsel Dick
Rose Dierx
Robert Douglas ‘Bob’ Dodge
Charlie  Dries
Joseph ‘Papa Joe’ Dries
Ila Driver
Maurice Duquette
Sam Egleston
Ilene Emans
Susan Eves

Douglas Farrell
Roger Flynn
William Wesley ‘Bill’ Gardiner
Charles Gerow
Henri Ghesquiere
Brian Hackett
Ethan Hannon
Kim Hansen
Robert James ‘Bob’ Hardy
Kenneth George Haynes
Fay Heatherington
Brian Henneker
Shirley Ann Hill
Margaret ‘Jane’ Hopper
Nancy Horne
Donald  Houweling
Ervine Huffman
Constance Jean James
Harry Jenner

Helen Jones
Tanya Karam-Adrian
Betty Kerr
Keith Kirby
Tony Knizat
Katherine Kuchta
Barbara Lather
Guy Joseph Lepage
Peter Mahu
Douglas Maynard
Donald Robert Miller
Gordon Morton
John Neudorf
Ido Nydam
Shanti Oulds
Jeanette Pake
Robert ‘Bob’ Parker
John Payne
Donna Provost
Hector Provost

Paul Raymond
Ruby Rice
Ken Richards
Dian Riesebos
Zandra  Robinson
Frederick ‘Ted’ Rumble
JoAnn Simons
Stephen Sinden
Doug St Pierre
Hector St Pierre
Linda Stevens
Nicholas Suisham
Ryan Swayze
Madeline Tedford
Edward Thompson
George Tribe
Barbara Watson
Scott Wiebenga
Gus Wytinck
Robert Young

Click here to see the full list of in memory donations.