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  • “This place is beautiful and the staff are amazing. My papa just recently passed away here and they were amazing every step of the way. I honestly have never met people that are so compassionate and love their jobs they were so great with my papa, thank you so much! I can’t express enough what you people did for our family! Thank you!”
  • “The sweet, compassionate way they treated Mom and us was beyond our expectations.  No detail was left out. We spent 10 days there and it became home.”
  • “Words cannot express our sincere gratitude for the wonderful care our dear, sweet Dad received. Each and every staff member treated him with tender – loving care and respect. It was so beautiful to see you speak gently into his ear, make him comfortable and also make sure we, the family, were ‘OK’ too. All of you made this difficult time a little more bearable. You will be forever in our hearts.”
  • “This is better for me and my wife… we don’t have to worry about the medical side of things.”
  • “We are so thankful we can take him out into the courtyard in his bed.”
  • “The nurses are so kind, compassionate and funny at the same time.”
  • “We are treated like family.”

What Your Donations Are Used For:

  • Compassionate Care

    Resident care is our top priority. Your donation will help cover the cost of things like personal care products, medical equipment and supplies.

  • Connected and Comfortable

    Your donation will help keep our residents and their families comfortable and connected by covering the cost of utilities such as natural gas, electricity, water, cable and telephone.

  • Home-like hospitality

    Making our residents and their families feel at home is a top priority. Your donation will help pay for groceries as well as kitchen equipment and supplies.

  • Education and Awareness

    Ongoing education and awareness will ensure the sustainability of our residential hospice. Your donation will support ongoing staff & volunteer education and training, community education and efficient donation management.

  • Business as usual

    Although we want our hospice to feel like home to our residents, we must operate as a business. Your donation will cover costs associated with running a business such as accounting, human resources, purchasing, office equipment and supplies and insurance.

  • Keeping House

    Like your home, we want to keep a safe and tidy home. Your donation will help us do that by covering costs for laundry & housekeeping, ongoing maintenance, safety and security.

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Chatham-Kent Hospice is honoured to recognize
recent donations received in memory of:

If you’d like to make a donation in memory of a loved one, please click here.

Betty Adams
Jim Allossery
Alma Anderson
Dolores Armstrong
Donna Jean Arnold
Lloyd Arnold
Peggy Ashton
Lloyd Badder
Lynne Badder
Dianna Baert
James ‘Lyle’ Ball
Joanie Ballard
Joyce Barker
James Stewart Barks
Jimmy Batten
Hilda Beaman
Ross Beamish
Paul Beardsall
Edgar Bedford
Irene Bellemore
Janet Bell
Lawrence ‘Larry’ Blair
Angela Boismier
Warren Boucher
Kenneth Brown
Ola Brown
Randy Burgess
Carol Burke
James Bushey
Deanna Campbell
Michael Cobb
Robert Scott Cooper
Robert Couture
Gloria Cryderman
Mark Cundle

Nora Dauphin
Marcella Demers
Margaret Denys
Gordon Dickson
Robert Harold Dickson
Licia Dodok
Mary Dowker
June Doyle
Donald Dubuque
Nancy Duffy
John ‘Jack’ Dunlop
Edmond Duquette
Margaret England
Susan Eves
Alice Farquharson
Gerard Faubert
Vaughn Fraleigh
Susan Fritz
Margaret Gardner
Peter Gartner
Ann Girard
Polydore Girard
Jeanne Giroux
Helen Girty
T Wayne Gordon
Mike Hack
Beverley Hall
Pam Hamilton
Trudy Hart-Taylor
Mary Harwood
Marianne Hatch
Charles ‘Blake’ Hawkins
Nellie Hearns
Ken Hearns
Mary Henderson
William ‘Bill’ Holmes
Marion Homewood
Jim Hottot
Kenneth ‘Ken’ Houston
Lawanna Huscroft

Barbara Ingratta
Keith Ireland
Donna Irwin
Louie Jacques
Nancy Jacques
Alozj Jelusic
Virginia Jenner
Laurie Johnson
Richard ‘Rick’ Jubenville
Tanya Karam-Adrian
Dorothy Kastoff
Cathy Kikkert
Donna Knights
Aldrich ‘Al’ Kovar
William ‘Bill’ Krestel
Martin Kucera
Kerry Kuiper
Jeanne Laprise (Haslip)
William Lawson
Oscar Leclair
Michelle LeClerc
Guy Joseph Lepage
George Lernout
Greta Lesy
Lyle Lipa
Edward ‘Ted’ Loftus
Patricia Lozon
Jeff Luther
Denis Maheu
Larry Maillet

Shirley MacDonald
Larry Maillet
John Majek
Arthemise Marentette
Bernice Marriott
Daniel Martins
Theresa Mathany
Thelma McDougall
Louane McFadden
Ronald Wayne McLean
Robert Mifflin
Chuck Miller
Raymond ‘Ray’ Mitchell
Brian Mooney
Ruth Mott
Frank Myslik
Adelene Newberry
Barry ‘Bart’ Osborne
Beatrice Osborne
Mary Isabelle Ouellette
Charlene Partridge
Murray Pepper
Thomas Pettit
Christine Pinsonneault
Annie Postma

Ron Rader
Ken Richards
Donald A Richardson
Diane Richmond
Joseph Raymond ‘Ray’ Roy
Maxine Rylett
Tena Saeteraas
Phyllis Salter
David Scholtens
Margaret Sherk
Gladys Simpson
Ruth Sinclair
Merle Smith
Norma Spence
Una St Pierre
Isabel ‘Marie’ Steel
Walter Stirling
Frank Stoffyn
Jennifer Sunnen
Jo-Anne Sylvestre
Ruth Ann Tattersall
Peter Teichroeb
Eleanor Tope
Isobel Towsley
Shirley Tribe
Joe VanDeHogen
Harm VanderKley
Sophia VanderKley
Walter VanMol
Martin VanRaay
Debbie Vidler
Bev Vince
Tara Vitek Ciarma
Robert Waddell
Harry Warner
Robert Warren
Margit ‘Marg’ Watson
Joan Wells
Jerome ‘Jerry’ Whaling
Donna White
Tom Whittington
David Williamson
James Wilmott
Donald Wilson
Dorothy Eileen Wilson
James Woods
Steve Yakubovich
Jerry Ytsma

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