Become a Chatham-Kent Hospice Volunteer!

Last year over 199 volunteers donated over 13,500 hours of their time, sharing their skills, and their heart to enriching the lives of those who are affected by end of life challenges.  Our volunteers help Chatham-Kent Hospice feel like home!

Hospice volunteers are an important part of our team and give a priceless gift to those who are affected by end-of-life challenges.  They are ordinary people who make an extraordinary difference!

In an effort to serve and include the many cultures and groups residing in our community, Chatham-Kent Hospice welcomes volunteer applicants who reflect the wide diversity of our citizens.

Why join our team?

Our Board of Directors understands the invaluable impact that our volunteers make in our organization.  Our Volunteer Program is run by a dedicated staff member who specializes in Volunteer Management best practices.  Our volunteers are provided with ongoing professional development and support in their volunteer role, if you are looking for a challenging but meaningful and impactful volunteer experience and are ready to commit yourself to helping people affected by end of life challenges, then this might be right fit for you!

How do I begin?

Fill out an application online (link) and our Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch to set up an interview to determine if volunteering at Chatham-Kent Hospice is the right fit.  If a mutually agreeable position is found, two personal reference checks will be completed, followed by a Police Information Check and a Health Screening check.  Not all volunteers are accepted into the program.

What does the volunteer training look like?

Once the screening is completed, volunteers will be enrolled in a 34 hour comprehensive training and orientation program to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge they need to provide outstanding care to the residents and their families in our Hospice.  Chatham-Kent Hospice makes a significant investment in training and provides it free to volunteers.

How much of a commitment do I have to make?

We ask that our volunteers make a commitment of a minimum of one year from the completion date of their training and provide at least a four hour shift per month.  Many of our volunteers feel that volunteering on a weekly or bi-weekly basis is a better option as it allows them to really learn the full scope of the role and helps them to get to know their team.  Feeling very comfortable and confident in their role is the key to their success.

For more information regarding a challenging yet very rewarding and meaningful volunteer opportunity with Chatham-Kent Hospice, please complete our Volunteer Application.

Why Volunteer?

Everyone has their own motivation for getting involved with Chatham-Kent Hospice. For most the experience of volunteering is very rewarding.

Some of the most common reasons include:

  • You have an interest in the Hospice philosophy of care, and have the desire to help others. You have some awareness of what is drawing you to Hospice work, and are willing to explore this in depth.
  • You are sensitive to the special needs of dying patients and their families, and have chosen to work to support them.
  • You are aware of the losses you have experienced, and your way of grieving, and have a sense of perspective about life and death, loss and grief
  • You are open to others who may have different values, beliefs, and ways of living. You are able to listen well, and to validate others where they are, rather than where you might believe they should be.
  • Self-reliance, flexibility and adaptability are assets. You may be called on to work in a variety of areas and perform many different tasks. Realistic awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses, and the ability to set limits are important.
  • You are willing to commit yourself to training and the volunteer responsibilities set forth for your category of interest and to gaining an understanding of the policy and procedures of the Hospice program.
  • You are not bringing your personal agenda or mission to your Hospice work, and understand that our work is not to change people, but to be with them and meet them where they are. If you have experienced a significant personal loss within the past year, one which you are still actively grieving, please consider carefully your present ability to take on a demanding training program. Personal loss can include job loss, significant health changes or the end of a significant relationship. This work can intensify your own grief. We will review each applicant individually in this regard.
  • You have a strong support team away from Chatham-Kent Hospice. Working at Hospice can be tremendously rewarding and meaningful but it can also be stressful and emotionally draining  at times so it is important that you have good support and ways of taking care of yourself, meeting change and the unexpected with ease.

How can I help at the Hospice?

As the care needed by our families and their loved ones is complex, our volunteers help us meet their needs in many ways.