Cathy Telfer- Monthly Giving Testimonial

I started volunteering for the Hospice in the Foundation office back in February 2014, when things were very much at the conceptual stage. A couple of my relatives had accessed palliative care in different communities over the years and I have always believed we should have an option locally. I made my first  donation in recognition of my birthday in March of that year and continued to do so for a few more  years.

Each week when I come to Hospice to volunteer, I see my donation making a difference. You can see the atmosphere is so positive and supportive. I look forward to seeing the decorations change for each season, marking each special time of year, and the floral arrangements that come weekly. It just gives you an uplifting feeling.

I was under the misconception, as I think a lot of people are, that Hospice would be fully government funded after it was built. But you realize once you are here that there are a lot of expenses that are not covered.

When I heard about the option to give monthly I thought ‘Oh, that is so much easier!’ I am still giving the same amount, spread throughout the year, but I don’t have to think about it. I don’t have to look ahead
to having a lump sum. I know I have the option to change the amount or discontinue any time that I want but giving monthly just works really well for my family. It truly is the easiest way for me to support
something I believe in.

My personal choice would be, when and if we need it, to come here at end-of-life because I think it is such a relief for families to know their loved one is being taken care of and they’re not having the challenge of 24/7 care. It is in no way a depressing place because you know families are getting the care they need at such a difficult time.

  • Cahty Telfer, pictured with her husband Bob