Hospice Helps Family Cope

Like many families, Edna and her family have found themselves dealing with many crisis’s at the same time. Edna’s husband is battling lung and liver cancer, they are selling their house in order to downsize to something more manageable and Edna’s mom is now living at Chatham-Kent Hospice.

Each one of these situations can be overwhelming in their own right but add them all together and one would say Edna and her family definitely have a “full plate”.

What has been helpful is knowing that her mom is comfortable and getting great care at Hospice.

“I am so thankful that Mom is now living at Hospice. It has been such a blessing” said Edna. “Knowing she is getting amazing care especially when I can’t be there gives me a great deal of peace of mind”.

Before her mom moved to Hospice, she really didn’t understand the full extent of hospice care. “I had no idea what hospice was all about prior to mom coming here” added Edna. “I am so thankful that her doctor recommended it to us. The staff are so kind and the atmosphere is so warm and home-like. They care not only for Mom but for our entire family and understand what our family is going through.”

Although Edna’s husband is “doing OK” right now, they know that hospice care is something they may have to consider again in the future.

“Getting to know the staff and experiencing the care offered at Chatham-Kent Hospice is not only a gift for my mom but for our entire family.”