Hospice Benefits From Generous Howard J. Rees Foundation Legacy Donation

The Chatham-Kent Hospice is one of several local community organizations to receive a very generous “legacy” donation from the Howard J Rees Foundation. The incredible $100,000 gift is one of many ways the Rees Foundation has supported Hospice since its inception.
Hospice Foundation Executive Director Jodi Maroney said the ongoing support from the Rees Foundation has made a substantial impact over the years.
“The work the Howard J Rees Foundation has done across our community continues to be inspiring,” said Maroney. “We are more than grateful to the Rees Foundation for all of their care, compassion and support of local Hospice families.”
The Rees Foundation was a strong supporter in the Hospice capital campaign and continued to support operations ever since. The Hospice only receives partial government funding and currently relies on community donations to cover 55% of operating costs to remain at no-cost to residents and their families.
Following in the wishes of Dr. Rees, his Foundation adheres to the objectives he set out based on his desire to ensure that Blenheim and the surrounding communities have the best medical care possible. This donation to the Chatham-Kent Hospice was one of several legacy donations recently made to local organizations by the Rees Foundation before they donate the entire wealth of the organization to the new Blenheim Medical Health Foundation.
“This donation will go a long way in helping us cover those costs and ensure that local families have access to specialized, end-of-life care at no cost,” Maroney added. “The philanthropy of Dr. Rees has certainly been honoured by the work of his Foundation across Chatham-Kent. We look forward to seeing that legacy continue with the new Blenheim Health Hub.”