My Gift is my Presence

I love volunteering at Hospice. I am a reception volunteer and each time I finish a shift I think “I am so glad I volunteered today”. It never feels like a burden; it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. My only complaint is having to smell freshly baked cookies for 4 hours!

Recently I started bringing my dog Whisper with me. She is trained as a therapy dog and everyone loves her at Hospice. It’s amazing how visitors, staff volunteers and residents will smile when they see her and stop to pet her and talk to me. I see the positive impact her presence is making in their day.

As the holiday season nears, I look forward to volunteering my time to help when other volunteers may not be available. Christmas was always spent with my husband and my parents every year at my house. Now that my parents are no longer with us, I feel like by donating my time to Hospice around the holidays, it’s like a gift I am giving to my parents; a way to honour them. They would have been thrilled with what Hospice is offering to our community and I know they would be proud of me for giving my time here.

– Fran B., Reception Volunteer

During the holiday season, Hospice volunteers give over 280 hours to support our Hospice families.